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“Evaluate Me!”: Conflicted Thoughts on Gatekeeping in Legal Scholarship’s New Age

As another entrant into the fast-growing ranks of online law review supplements, the Connecticut Law Review has chosen to begin by contemplating—or is that “CONNtemplating?”—an ambiguous phrase: “Law Reviews Matter: Legal Scholarship, Law Reviews, and the Online Age.” We might read that open-ended phrase in several ways. Perhaps most interestingly, it might be read as inviting us to think about the “matter”—the pronouncements, extrusions, eruptions, and, alas, ephemera—contained within the law review format, and its increasing emigration to an infinite online space, on SSRN, Bepress, blogs, and elsewhere. We might also read it as a positive pronouncement: no matter how battered by their many critics or by competition from online sources, law reviews do matter, damn it. But the very act of making that pronouncement, the very need to make the assertion, cannot help but lead readers to supply the question mark the editors have seen fit to omit. In an “online age” in which “legal scholarship,” in its many forms, can be propagated with ease and without the assistance of the law review and its editors, do “Law Reviews Matter?”

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