Membership on the Connecticut Law Review

Membership in the Connecticut Law Review is highly competitive. Membership is limited to second- and third-year Day students and second-, third-, and fourth-year Evening students.

Membership offers are extended to thirty-four editors every year. At least eleven editors are selected based on their first-year grades—the top seven and ties from the Day division and the top two and ties from the Evening division. Students who are not selected based on grades must participate in an annual write-on competition, held every June/July. Typically over 115 students participate in the writing competition and approximately 25 are offered membership to the Law Review.

The write-on competition is conducted in a closed-research universe and requires students to write the equivalent of a student Note on a pre-determined topic. Students are selected based on the quality of their writing skills, legal analysis, and bluebooking.

The writing competition is typically held during the summer. Students are only eligible to compete in the competition once. Students who grade-on to the Law Review will be notified in early July and those selected through the writing competition will be notified in early August.

A list of the current members of the Connecticut Law Review can be found on our Masthead.  A list of previous members can be found on the Masthead Archives page.