Connecticut Law Review Volume 46 - Issue 4

Gun Control Legislation in Connecticut: Effects on Persons with Mental Illness

This Article examines the ways in which Connecticut and federal legislative efforts on gun control have affected persons with mental illness in the state and includes a brief history of that legislation in the context of tragic gun violence.  There have been two major legislative and policy directions: (1) federal and state prohibitions on gun […]

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Symptom-Based Gun Control

People out of touch with reality should not have guns.  This Article proposes empowering police officers to take away guns and gun rights from individuals suffering from delusions or hallucinations.  This proposal is inspired by the Navy Yard shooting, but is also supported by evidence showing a correlation between these psychotic symptoms and violence.  The […]

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Crosspollination of Same-Sex Parental Rights Post-DOMA: The Subtle Solution

In the summer of 2013, the United States Supreme Court, to great fanfare, struck down the central provision of the seventeen-year-old Defense of Marriage Act (“DOMA”).  Yet a second DOMA provision, denying full faith and credit for same-sex marriages, was not overturned, meaning individual states remain free to ban and refuse recognition for same-sex unions.  […]

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