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“Evaluate Me!”: Conflicted Thoughts on Gatekeeping in Legal Scholarship’s New Age

As another entrant into the fast-growing ranks of online law review supplements, the Connecticut Law Review has chosen to begin by contemplating—or is that “CONNtemplating?”—an ambiguous phrase: “Law Reviews Matter: Legal Scholarship, Law Reviews, and the Online Age.” We might read that open-ended phrase in several ways. Perhaps most interestingly, it might be read as [...]

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De Jure [sic] Park

This Essay, solicited by the Connecticut Law Review for the inauguration of its online companion CONNtemplations, discusses the main structural deficiencies of student-edited general interest paper-based law reviews, namely that they are student-edited, general interest and paper-based.

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The Law Reviews vs. the Courts: Two Thoughts From the Ivory Tower

If you’re reading this, you must not be a federal judge. According to a March 2007 article in the New York Times, legal scholarship has become too ethereal and abstract to be of any practical use to federal judges in their everyday disposition of cases. In the words of Dennis G. Jacobs, Chief Judge of [...]

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