Past Symposiums

Connecticut Law Review hosts an annual Symposium on a topic selected by the Law Review’s membership. The Law Review invites law faculty, practitioners, and other scholars from across the United States and throughout the world to participate in each Symposium. In addition to the Symposium held on-campus, Connecticut Law Review also publishes a corresponding print Issue in each Volume that aggregates the work of each of the participants.

Volume 37 Symposium (2004-05): The Transformation of Modern Corporation Law

Volume 36 Symposium (2003-04): Interpreting Constitutions Comparatively: Affirmative Action

Volume 35 Symposium (2002-03): The Sarbanes-Oxley Yawn

Volume 34 Symposium (2001-02): A Closer Look at Detention Powers

Volume 33 Symposium (2000-01): Regulation by Litigation

Volume 32 Symposium (1999-2000): Guns and Liability in the America; Rebellious Leadership

Volume 31 Symposium (1998-99): United States v. Microsoft

Volume 30 Symposium (1997-98): Universities and Cities