Connecticut Law Review Volume 45 - Issue 4

Jukin’ the Stats: The Gaming of Law School Rankings and How to Stop It

“Jukin’ the stats” means manipulating pertinent information to advance one’s position.  In the case of law schools, manipulation of law school rankings, put forth by U.S. News and World Report, potentially enables the school to gain advantage relative to competitors.  This Article describes the U.S. News Law School rankings methodology followed by prospective law students everywhere.  The Article then discusses how law schools manipulate their data submissions in order to change their relative rankings.  The Article also describes the inability of the stakeholders in the rankings process to obtain adequate recourse for rankings manipulation, and the lack of incentive U.S. News possesses to strongly police data submissions.  The Article concludes with a proposed Federal Trade Commission rule that corrects such practices by bringing transparency to the process. 

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