Vol. 47 Forthcoming Articles

The Connecticut Law Review is pleased to announce its forthcoming articles for Volume 47 Issues 1-3:

Issue 1:

Associational Standing for Cities, Kaitlin Ainsworth Caruso

Hands Off Our Fingerprints: State, Local, and Individual Defiance of Federal Immigration Enforcement
, Christine N. Cimini

Law & Science Towards a Unified Field, Deborah M. Hussey Freeland

Copyright at Common Law in 1774, Tomás Gómez-Arostegui


Insufficient Mechanisms for Orange Book Corrections and the FDA’s Ministerial Role: A Need for Reform, Jane Djung

Mashantucket Pequot Tribe v. Town of Ledyard: A Contemporary Look at Preemption under Bracker, the Indian Trader Statutes, and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, Edward Lowe

Issue 2:

The Fourth Zone of Presidential Power: Analyzing the Debt-Ceiling Standoff through the Prism of Youngstown Steel, Chad DeVeaux

State’s Rights, Last Rites, and Voting Rights
, Guy-Uriel Charles & Luis Fuentes-Rohwer

Not all “Persons” are created Equal: Trans-Personality & Its Limits, Roger Michalski

An Empirical Analysis of Diversity in the Legal Profession, Paul E. Madsen & Jason P. Nance

Formerly Manufacturing Entities — Not Your Typical Patent Trolls, Kristen R. Jakobsen Osenga


Breaking Down BEPS: Elemental Analysis of High-Profile Base Erosion and Potnetial Counteraction in Light of the BEPS Project, Michael Sala

Issue 3:

Emotional Duties, Erica Goldberg

Foreign Affairs in an Age of Legal Process, Joseph Landau

The (Questionable) Legality of High-Speed “Pinging” and “Front Running” in the Futures Markets
, Gregory Scopino

Demand Side Reform in the Poor People’s Court
, Jessica K. Steinberg

Show and Tell? Students’ Personal Lives, Schools, and Parents
, Emily Gold Waldman

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